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Monthly Archives: July 2017

    Start Your Week Off Right: Your Monday Morning Home Search

    By maria ford | July 31, 2017

    Happy Monday morning! While we’re all still a little bleary-eyed and under-caffeinated, there are a couple of things that can get your week off to the right start if you happen to be searching for a new home. Built into is a great feature we call, “Saved Searches.” You can easily save and track... Read More

    Tuscaloosa’s Premier Keller Williams Luxury Agent: Alice Maxwell

    By maria ford | July 21, 2017

    Designer Marc Jacobs once said, “I think there is something about luxury – it’s not something people need, but it’s what they want.” For many, finding their perfect, luxury home is the way to enjoy each and every day in a blissful setting. As Tuscaloosa’s only Keller Williams Luxury Agent, Alice knows that luxury can mean different... Read More

    Morning Call with Mama Dee: Life is a Test

    By maria ford | July 3, 2017

    On a recent call with Mama Dee, she shared with us an excerpt from “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” Read More